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You've tried dieting a million times. 

Now try something different!




In this


step by step online course

you will:








Our Program is research-driven nutrition coaching for people who are ready to get the health and body they deserve!

Welcome, Wendy and Dan here!


We are really excited to invite you to something that has personally changed our lives as well as our client's lives FOREVER!


Not only have we successfully guided our clients through this program, but we've also personally gone through this exact program ourselves!!!


Imagine true health becoming apart of your daily life, 1 small strategic step at a time.


Our clients report not only losing weight and feeling better but excelling in all areas of life! It goes to show when you improve your health life is simply better!


Flat out, this program helps you do the things you need to do to actually lose the weight you desire while improving all areas of wellness CONSISTENTLY! We will give you the skills and tools necessary for your unique journey so that you can stay fit and healthy FOR LIFE (or as long as you decide to practice them).


This online course has transformed people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels by strategically improving their lifestyle through daily habits and short practical interactive lessons. PLUS THERE ARE NOW FULL INSTRUCTIONAL WORKOUTS (see video below).


And it's all on your smartphone!















Imagine completely transforming your mind, body and gaining back that "inner spark" without the crazy diets or exercise programs that are so common in today’s landscape.



Dan has what only 1% of Trainers and Coaches around the world possess which is a Level 1 and 2 Nutritional Coaching Certification from the world-class organization, Precision Nutrition. This allows us to use a revolutionary technology called "ProCoach" platform.


This platform is used by the top 1% of Nutrition Healthcare Professionals around the world to help people just like you get where you want to go and more importantly stay there.









If you are ready to experience the happiness, confidence, and body you deserve, we have a personalized path just for you!



The full curriculum plus instructional workouts is a normally a 12-month program with an investment of $1997.00 as research now shows this is how long the average adult needs to go through their own dramatic, yet sustainable full body transformation.


However, we have seen our clients accomplish their goals in much less time so we require no contract and you can discontinue at any time! (Please let us know 14 days in advance for billing purposes)


But you won't have to pay full price because we believe in rewarding those who are ready and willing to take action. Now you can have access to this incredible and exciting experience for just $125/month or $1375 (1 month free) for the year paid in full!

"After 12 years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen many fads come and go and this is the only online course that I fully believe in and that I’ve ever seen ACTUALLY create life lasting transformation!"  - Dan


(cancel anytime)

$1375 year in full

(1 Month Free)


No Fads or Supplements, Just Proven Science!


This is research driven, expert-designed programs, 

customized to your skill level, goals, and time available.


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$1375 year in full

(1 Month Free)

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