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Jan 2017
Sept. 2017
Jan 2017
Sept. 2017
Jan 2017
Sept. 2017
"Before I started, I lost a couple of pounds. After starting with you, it all started to come off! Today makes 30 pounds down for me and I couldn't have done it without you!
- Cielle

Meet Cielle, a college aged student who had been struggling since high school to lose weight and gain her confidence back.To my left you can see her before and after pics after just 9 months in our Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching Course.

From January 2017 to September 2017 Cielle has dropped 32lbs and lost 21 inches, but her story doesn't stop there! She completely transformed from the inside out in her own words.


She now not only has more confidence and is happier overall, but has a whole new outlook on life!Her entire mentality has changed and you can see it in her words and every aspect of her life.


Cielle's negative thoughts turned into more productive ones, her anger and frustration turned to compassion for herself and people who have done her wrong over the years. (This is HUGE!)


She went from feeling alone and scared to feeling strong and confident all while being in college and growing up as a young woman. (You can do this too, it's never too late).


We couldn't be more proud of Cielle. What we love about her most is that she doesn't hide how she feels. One of her biggest strengths is being such as honest and open person. 

The coolest part is that she is just getting started, but has set herself up to overcome any obstacles in her way for the rest of her life!

Meet Coach Dan's Dad!

At age 62 Dan's father was able to lose a total of 40lbs!!!

His journey started about 2 years back when he ran into some health problems. He was approaching age 60 and decided he wasn't going to let age stop him or anything else for that matter!

He ditched his old routine of running miles and miles that simply didn't work and instead started the True4youFitness Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching Course!

He started with just our Online Personal Training workouts and lost about 10-15lbs. 


Once he upgraded the to the total package of Nutrition + Lifestyle + Exercise, everything else came off and he reached his goal going from 240lbs down to 200lb!

He now pays it forward to others by spreading the word that anyone can do this if they are willing to keep on showing up and playing the game!

- Dan Father (also named Dan) Age 62

When I decided to start nutritional coaching, I knew my coach was the best one for me. Dan the man answered all my 5000 questions a week and always had my back.


Dan thanks to you I learned to eat my 5 greens a day, my avocado every day, eat slower, take my fish oil , keep my abs tight , wrists tight, bend lower, lift more, never say can't and so on !!!!


I can't say enough great things about your encouragement and partnership!!! You’ve been there for me at my lowest and now at my best! I love my transformation it's like brushing my teeth in the morning it comes naturally.


I'm the girl last year that would always say I can't it's to heavy now I say I will and I can. I'm very thankful for my support from everyone in my life.

- Tricia S. , NJ

This 12 month transformation has been more than just losing weight and getting in shape. It has really helped me become a stronger person physically and mentally.


My 12 month goals might have been generic but they are very true:

1. Have more confidence 

2. Be healthier

3. Have more energy


My new eating habits along with workouts are now a normal routine. I no longer make excuses as to why I can't get to the gym or eat the right things. The best part is that I didn't have to make such drastic changes to my diet or lifestyle!


I may not have been that big to start but the physical changes that happened are unreal. There is something in this nutritional coaching program for everyone.


Thank you, Dan, for all of the support and guidance this past year. Your knowledge and attention are greatly appreciated! 

-Kimberly P. , NJ



“I’ve been on a weird rollercoaster ride when it comes to my health and my weight for so many years where I’ve tried so many fad diets, cleanses and all these get skinny quick gimmicks that just don’t really work. It was through my conversations with Coach Dan and Coach Wendy, and specifically their nutritional program, that I started breaking down these mental barriers that have stopped me from being consistent and staying motivated."

Daphney C., Pennsylvania

I came across the picture on the left which was taken a couple weeks ago and I was surprised. The pic on the right was taken a few days ago and WOW I see a difference! Although, the scale isn't changing much, my stomach and waist sure are.


I am certainly on the way to my dream lifestyle with the help True4you Fitness Nutritional Program. I will reach my goal! I don't only want to lose a few pounds; I want to improve my overall wellness.


Vanessa J., NJ

"I went from 33% body fat to about 24% body fat in 6 months. I am looking to go beyond that and change my body completely and see what the next 6 months will bring. I am excited about the next six months!"

Ashley D., NJ

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